UV light enabled catheter to fix holes in heart without surgery

The news that no surgery is required for fixing holes in the heart would have brought cheers to millions of people. It was said that researchers had developed a special type of catheter made of biodegradable adhesive that could aid in fixing of holes in the heart without surgical process.
According to Dr Petro delNildo, chief cardiac surgeon,Boston Children’s Hospital, the cumbersome process of suturing into the heart tissue would be eliminated by this because gluing process.The stopping of heart, keeping the patient on bypass and cutting into the heart etc would be removed and explained why catheterizations were more preferable when compared to open heart surgeries.
This process takes into account the Ultraviolet light which can be used to place a patch in heart.The catheter could be inserted through groin or vein and could be targeted at the defect in the heart.Two positioning balloons would be opened one at the front end of the catheter and on other side of the heart wall.
Location of the patch would be done and catheter’s UV light would be directed on it. It must be noted that the UV light would get reflected of balloons inner face and activate the adhesive coating of the patch.
Later after it got cured, pressure through the balloons on either side of the patch would aid in keeping it in its place. Deflation of balloons would be carried out and catheter removed and normal growth of tissue takes place after some time.
Connor Walsh,assistant professor of mechanical and bio-medical engineering,School of Engineering and Applied Sciences,SEAS spoke about how this process was entirely new concept that could be applied in the closure of wounds or holes in any part of human body.
It must be noted that this minimally invasive process takes just five minutes. In the Journal Science Translational Medicine the study regarding this was published.